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BodySculpting is a new method of fat freezing available in Northern Ireland but is an overall better treatment than other treatments available.

Our Cryotherapy treatment harnesses the latest in cryogenic technology and is fastly becoming a popular treatment across Northern Ireland. Fat Freezing as its known has been around for some time though our treatment is a new method to Ireland since it was introduced here in early 2016 via Bespoke Laser Treatments which one of our directors founded. Then Bespoke Laser Treatments were the first company in Northern Ireland to launch this new fat freezing treatment we call cryotherapy bodysculpting, and we pride ourselves as a leading brand in the industry in the UK and Ireland having the experience carry from Bespoke Laser Treatments to ourselves. We have found that the most popular treatment since we launched or first clinic has been our Cryotherapy Bodysculpt treatment which is a form of Fat Freezing new to Northern Ireland and have found it to be much more effective than Cryolipolysis or Ultrasonic Cavitation. Given that our treatment is Bodysculpting and not just so called fat freezing, the list of benefits is much more than fat reduction. What sets our treatment above oher fat freezing treatments is the fact it is applied to the whole area and not just 3 inch squared where the cold plate is in contact with the skin. Since we treat the whole area, the fat reduction is much more even and consistant giving a much better inch loss result overall. But not stopping there, unlike other fat freezing treatments which only do as they say, our treatment has more benefits such as skin tightening, skin toning, stretch mark/scar reduction, inch loss, speed up metabolic rate, cellulite reduction, burn up to 800 calories post treatment, stimulate collagen production & more. With other companies you would not have these list of benefits from their fat freezing treatments, you would have to have other treatments to tighten skin and again a seperate treatment to reduce stretch marks/scars which in turn increases the cost of your treatment which could be over £1000.

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                                                               Cryotherapy - Facial/Facelift

When we launched our range of Cryotherapy treatments early in 2017 we brought to you the latest luxury facial the whole way from L.A. Using cryogenic technology we apply liquid nitrogen vapour directly to your face and neck areas. This treatment is proven to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production which reduces fine lines/wrinkles and is a great facial alternative to botox for anti-ageing benefits. Not only does our cryo facial stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin but our treatment can also be used to tighten dilated pores, reduce blemishes, remove toxins from the skin, treat conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Meaning that not only do you get anti-ageing benefits but a rejuvenation of the face/neck area. As with Vasoconstriction, which is the withdrawl of blood in the treated area, once the treatment has completed you would have Vasodilation which is a rapid blood flow back into the treated area. This blood is extra oxygenated, loaded with extra hormones and nutrients which in turn rapidly kick starts the healing process which rejuvenates the area.

                                                         Pain Relief & Sports Injury Recovery

Cryotherapy for Pain Relief & Recovery is vast becoming more popular, from professional athletes to the every day person. The benefits of cryotherapy to treat arthritis, fibromyalgia or an existing injury have been about for hundreds of years but this type of localised cryotherapy was developed in the 1970's to treat rheumatoid arthritis and chronic inflammation but only now is it becoming widely recognised globally. With our treatment being localised this is best for someone who has a problem in a specific area/areas where we can target directly. Watch the video to see how it works.

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